Once upon a time…

The Blackwood was a vast forest that had been planted in the bones of the earth. It rose and fell in countless hills up into the Heights, the tallest mountains in the world. Its border was stark, and outsiders did not tempt it. Inside, humans had scraped out a life for countless generations, but did not know civilization until the reign of the Elder King. Wisdom and prosperity were his scepter and sword, though not all would heed him. Some still clung to the old ways, and worshipped the elves in the Blackwood’s darkest depths. There was not war between them, but never could there be peace.

The Elder King and his family have always lived in seclusion at Heavenly Meadow Palace. The edicts that come down the river from this nigh-mythical ground are full of justice, and clever minds have discovered great secrets held within. These words have guided the people of the Blackwood on a thousand-year trail of history. They were the heralds of a golden age in the heart of the wilderness.

But those edicts ceased nearly fifteen years ago. An ancient power has stirred since that fateful day, and gloom has fallen on the Wood. Much of the nobility has fallen to corruption, many of the beleaguered folk of the Wood have turned into lawless bandits, and there are rumors that the malicious powers of the elves are waxing strong once more.

The Council at Sky Pillar, an august body of knights, has called upon their fellows to join with the errant heroes and vigilantes that live on the fringe of society. Only through the alliance of all the virtuous men and women of the Blackwood will the common folk find deliverance, though the road will be long and treacherous.

The Blackwood Campaign Setting

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