The Blackwood Campaign Setting

Live Game--The Story So Far

Eckhart, Diz’urt, and Theobold arrived in the town of Denvorn for their own reasons. Eckhart, a woodsman, spoke with a beggar near the gate, while Theobold, a Sentinel, found an inn with food and drink (The Old Master Inn). Diz’urt remained in the shadows, and kept a distant eye on Eckhart.

In time, they all found themselves outside the Denvorn Town Watch hall, where a group of important figures were angrily discussing a recent string of murders: a porter, a beggar, and a young woman in a nearby village. Verena Elm, owner of the timber camp outside the town, was convinced these murders were the work of Brother Morel, a new Classicist and one-time beggar. Keeper Quill, head of the Maiden Valley Hall of Classics, protested in Morel’s defense. The Celebrant of the Celebration of Unity, a new religion from the lands beyond the Blackwood, insists that the killer be found before the Unified Bishop arrives to bless the new Celebration.

Theobold wrangled these figures into the Town Watch hall, where they revealed various details of the crime. In particular, Verena mentioned a disgusting mockery of a Classicist Manuscript her son discovered in the woods that proved Morel’s guilt. At Rob’s command, Verena sent a runner to the lumber camp to retrieve the Manuscript.

Eckhart tailed the runner, and confronted him in the woods once he had retrieved the book and began the journey back to town. He knocked the runner out and took the book, but ran into Verena on the way back, who demanded that it be returned. Eckhart refused, and—clearly the superior fighter—kept the manuscript.

Meanwhile, back in the town, Theobold went to the prison tower to speak to Morel. It took some bribery, but he finally got to question the Classicist. Morel professed his innocence, saying that he loved the village girl and would never harm her, and pleaded with Theobold to seek Keeper Quill’s wisdom.

Eckhart and Theobold met up outside the hall and traveled together to Maiden village, where the young woman had been murdered. Diz’urt, quite a sneaky fellow, had been tailing them this whole time, but was discovered and confronted in Maiden. They all joined forces, and discovered new details from the murder scene (inside the village’s brewery), Keeper Quill, and the brewery owner.

The clues lead them to the Hall of Classics, where they investigated Brother Morel’s quarters. They found little.

PbP--The Story So Far

Traveling together, Mauve Blackbriar and Sir Ulrich Draconis arrived in Denvorn one autumn evening and made their way to the Sly Huntsman tavern. Unbeknownst to them, two others were making their way there as well. The first, Jan, was a hunter and woodsman. The second, Will O’Freeport, was a wandering storyteller.

The four met in the tavern when Jan asked Mauve to dance, which she declined. Soon after, a young man approached them with a request. His name was Fritz, and he told them that his merchant father was willing to pay for retrieval of a very late package. They negotiated payment before setting off.

They made for Red Tower to the southwest of Denvorn town just as the sun was beginning to set. Jan discovered a thicket along the way, and was pleased to find it small enough yet that it didn’t need to be reported and destroyed. Using his woodcraft, Jan fashioned a goodly dead drop from the thicket, well-hidden and protected from interlopers. Mauve attempted one of the rituals from the arcanist’s manuscript, but only time will tell if it had any effect.

Jan lead them to Red Tower without incident, where Mauve harvested some of the red moss that had grown there since the eponymous maiden of Maiden Valley was imprisoned and killed there centuries ago. Will confronted Mauve—curious to learn more about the source of her magic. She was hesitant to provide detail.

Full night had fallen by the time they reached the grotto mentioned by Fritz, their employer. They approached the rocky hollow, but heard a horse just beyond the reach of Mauve’s magic light. She extinguished the light and the group hid behind boulders and fallen logs, just in time for an old woman to emerge from grotto. She had noticed them, whether or not she knew where they had hidden themselves.

Will stepped out to confront her with as much charm as any storyteller could hope to muster.

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