Emil the Homeless


Advancements: 1
Attributes: Warrior 6, Rogue 5, Mage 0
HP: 13, Mana: 0
Defense: 16 (9 Base, +5 Armor, + 2 Shield) Armor Penalty: -8
Skills: Athletics, Spears, Swords

  • Fierce (you may take a second attack action at any point during your turn. This talent may be used twice per day.)
  • Weapon Mastery:: Swords (Skilled), Spears (Skilled)

Trappings: Chainmail Armor (5/-2) Large Shield (2/-2), Spear x2 (1d6, 25 yds), Sword (1d6), Adventurer’s Kit, Travel Clothing, Torches (+5), Rope (10 yds), Iron Rations (7 days)

Character Sheet: MythWeavers

Portrait: Mercenary


Emil was a member of the Watch for his village until one night several children were kidnapped, Emil had been found drunk and asleep at his station. Being blamed for the tragedy, the village leaders shamed and exiled him, with no place for him to call home Emil wandered to wherever the road would take him doing any job that needed doing until he found himself in Denovan. There he would often find himself playing the part of the mercenary, fighting for money, sometimes he would be guarding caravans, others he would be hired by petty and corrupt nobles as a protagonist. As long as he was paid Emil didn’t care what the job was or the risks involed, after all when you have no home and no people what life is there to lose?

Emil the Homeless

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