Gavin Darkhood

Witch Hunter


Advancements: 1
Attributes: Warrior 3, Rogue 5, Mage 3
HP: 13, Mana: 6
Defense: 10 (8 base, +2 armor), Armor Penalty: -1
Skills: Acrobatics, Bows, Lore, Swords

  • Champion (+2 attack and damage vs. witches)

Trappings: Travel clothes, Leather Armor, Bow with 20 Arrows (1d6, 80 yds), Longsword (1d6), Horse (Thunder), Adventurer’s Kit, Iron Rations (7 days), Torches (5)


Character Sheet: Myth Weavers

Portrait: Witch Hunter | Thunder


One day, Gavin and his sister Osanna were lost in the edge of the Blackwood. Once the sun set, they became very frightened, eventually being found by what they thought was an old woman who had come to save them. However, as it turned out, she was a cruel witch in disguise and tricked them into coming back to her cottage, deeper within the woods – where she planned to cook and eat them both. When opportunity presented itself, Gavin overcame his captor and caused her to fall into the oven instead, where he locked her inside. During the scuffle, however, Osanna was killed by the witch’s dark powers. Now, sixteen years later, Gavin Darkhood has made it his personal mission to rid the world of all witches.

Gavin Darkhood

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