Jan son of Jan

Lively Woodsman


Advancements: 1
Attributes: Warrior 5, Rogue 5, Mage 1
HP: 14, Mana: 2
Defense: 13 (9 Base, +4 Armor) Armor Penalty: -5
Skills: Athletics, Awareness, Axes, Bows

  • Hunter (Provide for four travelers, add Rogue score to attack 1/scene)
  • Masteries: Axes (Skilled), Bows (Skilled), Daggers (Skilled), Two-Handed (Skilled)

Trappings: Leather Armor, Bow I with 50 arrows (1d6+1, 100 yds), Hatchet I (1d6+1, Bleed), Two-Handed Axe I (2d6), Dagger I (1d6-2), Large Shield

Character Sheet: MythWeavers


Jan son of Jan, not to be confused with his father, Jan son of Jan. Therefore, people tend to call him Crazy Jan, just don’t call him crazy to his face, or be ready for a brawl. He’s a little touchy about that moniker because he literally is “crazy” as those without modern knowledge of cognitive impairments would say. Jan has always been best friends with a large shaggy wolfhound, the trouble is, such “Mutt,” as Jan affectionately calls his friend, can’t be seen by anyone else. (Modern science would diagnose him with schizophrenia, but don’t worry, he’s not paranoid, he just sees things that aren’t really there.) Raised in the depths of the Blackwood, Jan is well suited for forest living as an adept hunter and logger, which happens to be the family business. Quick to a laugh and rarely seen in town without a flagon of good dark beer, Jan is not afraid to pull his bow or axe to help a friend, or make some quick silver. Whether you need a logger, hunter, forest guide, or simply a drinking buddy, Jan is young, strong, and looking for an adventure. Hope you like his dog though ;)


Aloof and carefree, Jan is generally good natured, and the sublime confidence of youth exudes from his every pore. Fond of a good time, Jan is never far from a stein of his favorites intoxicating drink, but he knows when to be serious as well.

While Jan is quick to make friends, he does hold a grudge against those that anger him. The easiest and surest way to see this aspect of Jan is to call him crazy. Jan will almost certainly start a fight with any man brazen enough to use those words in front of him. Mutt doesn’t like it either.


The son and grandson of lumberjacks, Jan was literally reared in the trees of the Blackwood. As comfortable 70 feet up in the boughs of a conifer as he is standing among the roots of a mighty oak, Jan is at home with the mighty trees of the forest. From the tender years of his youth, Jan was taught the secrets of the axe, for both economic and offensive use. While Jan was groomed to take on the family business, he yearns to travel and see what the depths of the Blackwood have to offer. As such, Jan left his father’s home at 16 to take up employ with a local Nobel household as a logger and hunter. He hopes that an opportunity will arise to allow him to indulge in his adventure seeking enthusiasm.

To be honest, Jan’s father is relieved his progeny has decided to leave the close confines of his birth village. More and more whispers were starting to circulate about his “elf-addled” boy who saw things that weren’t really there. While he loves his son, the family risked banishment if Jan stayed in the village too much longer.

Jan son of Jan

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