Mauve Blackbriar


Advancements: 1
Attribute: Warrior 2, Rogue 4, Mage 5
HP: 8, Mana: 10
Defense: 7 Armor Penalty: 0
Skills: Alchemy, Awareness, Hermeticism

  • Familiar (cat “Mist” can do small tricks)

Trappings: Dagger (1d6-2), Book o’ Spells!
Spells: Magic Light (1st), Healing Hands (1st), Roar (1st), Eagle Slice (1st), Beckon (2nd), Wolfbrother (2nd)

Character Sheet: MythWeavers


What does Mauve look like? She is a smaller woman, of marrying age though not the personality for it, with black hair and green eyes. She has a small but noticeable scar across the back of her right hand. She is wearing a practical dress with (crude) purple embroidery on the green cloth, and a small sack on her back.

What does Mauve want? Mauve wants to learn more about magic, and about her parent’s (presumed) death. She discovered a ruined tower about two miles into the forest from her parents inn, which was on the road about a day’s travel north of Grand Delving. It was her childhood refuge, and changed her life when she was 12: the wooden slats on the floor broke, revealing a chest. Within were books, detailing the life and work of an arcanist dedicated to taming the Blackwood. The last entry was for a ritual of some kind, with details about how it would change everything. Mauve (wisely) burned those pages, but kept the others, and studied them. Several years later, she returned to the inn for her evening chores to find it burned to the ground. There were no footprints. No bodies.

What does Mauve do to get it? Mauve isn’t very picky about how she finds things out. Sneaking around and lying are kosher at the moment, and if pressed she will resort to dirtier tricks. She doesn’t want to hurt anybody yet, but the bandit attack was a bit of a wake-up call, and she’ll be ready next time.

Why does Mauve stick with the party? At the moment? She doesn’t want to admit it, but the bandit attack rattled her. She’d rather stick with the big man with the sword, much as she might mock him.

Mauve Blackbriar

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