Will O'Freeport

Travelling Minstrel


Advancements: 1
Attributes: Warrior 3, Rogue 5, Mage 3
HP: 12, Mana: 6, Fate: 5
Defense: 8 Armor Penalty: 0
Skills: Acrobatics, Lore, Thievery
Talents: Lucky Devil (reroll once per scene)
Trappings: Travelling clothes, sword (1d6), bow with 30 arrows(1d6, 80 yards), 3 daggers (1d6), backpack, bedroll, thief’s tools (10 lockpicks), rations (1 week), waterskin, tinderbox, ancestral beads (1st-circle implement), fiddle
Spells: Magic Light (1st), Sense Magic (1st), Sage Pine draught (1st), Whistle of the Lost (1st), Inner Focus (2nd)
Weapon Mastery: Sword II, Dagger I, Bow I


One early autumn morning just over nineteen years ago, a baby boy was born to a beggar woman in the city of Freeport. This woman, Alette, named her newborn son Will, and though she had no money to feed even herself, she struggled to bring him up as well as she could. Will grew to be a quick and clever lad, and used his wits to survive and protect himself on the streets of the great city, stealing what he could when begging became insufficient (which was frequently). Though he always strived to help his poor mother, she was taken by a fever when he was only eight, and left him nothing but her string of ancestral beads, barely long enough for him to wear around his wrist. After she passed, he continued struggling to feed himself, until the summer of his twelfth year, when he met Whistler Gerald.

Gerald was a travelling musician and storyteller who, one night, happened to take a room at the inn where Will was spending his stolen silver on a hot meal. Will listened as the old man spun his tale, a tale of the Elder King who had tamed the darkness of the wood and ruled wisely for generations, and he felt something stir within his heart—though it had never occurred to him before, he suddenly knew he wanted to leave Freeport, to travel the wood and see the strange sights and places of which the tales spoke. Later that night, he approached the minstrel and asked to be taken on as his apprentice. Dismissive of the boy’s request, Gerald asked him to prove his worth by singing him a song—only to be surprised when Will showed him that his singing voice was as strong and clear as he could ask. Eventually, the minstrel grudgingly agreed to take Will with him when he left, provided he earned his keep. Over the next several years, Will worked his very hardest to prove himself an able student, and learned from Gerald much of the Blackwood’s history and lore, how to entertain an audience, and how to defend himself should the crowd turn unfriendly. Today, Will makes his living just as his mentor did, travelling the wood playing his songs and telling his tales for any with a mind to listen.

Will O'Freeport

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