The Blackwood

The Blackwood has always been a mysterious realm at the edge of the torch’s light. Tales are woven of its beauty and danger, but it has always been a place where humanity becomes less significant than its surroundings. It is the tangled counterpart to the order of civilization found along the Way.

Brave and foolish folk have always ventured into it for want and need, but since the Silence of the Elder King it has grown dangerous and forbidding to even the craftiest men and women. Many trails are choked with overgrowth, and predators grow desperate and hungry. Caravans carry news of pagans on the road, and there are even whispers of Elves.

Woodfolk are pioneers on the fringes of civilization. Their ancestors’ ingenuity has provided all they ever had, and no Woodfolk cottage is without an ancestral shrine. Their shaded world makes them paler than their river-dwelling kin. Typically superstitious, Woodfolk take the state of the Blackwood as an evil omen. Mistrust and fear dwell under too many Woodfolk roofs

Blackwood Settlements

Blackwood Factions

Factions are a large part of Woodfolk life, but there is little cohesion between settlements. Every band of hunters might be interested in finding game for their kin back home, but methods and morals may vary widely. Woodfolk are far flung, and must bring civilization to the Blackwood in their own way.

The Blackwood

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