The Elder Kingdom

The Elder Kingdom is a cornucopia of knowledge, craftsmanship, and justice, perched in a wide valley above the southern edge of the Blackwood’s green and leafy sea. Peaceful hamlets and studious Halls of the Classics dot the land, which the Elder King’s wisdom has enriched over time. Most of the produce eaten by Blackwoodfolk is grown in its ample fields. The land has endured since the Elder King’s silence, but each winter seems a little harder, and each summer a little shorter. Its flowered meadows begin to fade, and without the Elder King its people live in dubious hope. What’s more, bandits have begun to amass on its border, and many begin to wonder if their ancient and sacred home can withstand the coming storm without the guidance of their liege.

Elderfolk are peaceful and wise, and live in the mountains of the southern Blackwood. They are the truest subjects of the Elder King. Since his silence, they have continued to follow his laws, but there is a growing dread that he will not return. Elderfolk are sun-kissed and and compact. Classicists are the most important members of any Elderfolk community.

Elderfolk Locations

Elderfolk Factions

Factions in the Elder Kingdom are the finest in the Blackwood. Hopefuls can wait decades to pilgrimage to the seat of these masters of every trade. The main halls for these different factions are scattered throughout the Elder Kingdom, but almost every faction has a hall in Grand Delving, where the most complete records of the Elder King’s wisdom are found.

The Elder Kingdom

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