Ulrich Draconis

Viscount of Westwood Hall


Advancements: 1
Attributes: Warrior 6, Rogue 2, Mage 3
HP: 15, Mana: 6
Defense: 10 (8 Base, +2 Armor) Armor Penalty: 2
Skills: Lore, Swords, Thaumaturgy

  • Massive Attack (add Warrior to damage once per combat)
  • Armored Caster (Reduce Armor Penalty by 2 when casting)
  • Sword Mastery (Skilled): Deflect

Trappings: Scale Armor, Sword (1d6), Spear (1d6) Staff (1d6), Longbow (1d6+2)

Character Sheet: MythWeavers


What does Ulrich want? To return the Blackwood to (his perception of) the chivalric ideal of the Elder Kingdom.

What does Ulrich do to get it? Currently a Sentinel but Ulrich sees the corruption amongst its ranks and the lack of chivalry even amongst the good ones. He desires to found his own knightly order to stand up for the downtrodden while also upholding the manner, charity, and decorum of true knighthood.

Why does Ulrich stick with the party? He as little love for his fellows, so this group is as good as any since there are no other Sentinels among them and they don’t get up to anything too heinous.

Viscount of Westwood Hall. What a joke. Ulrich never even wore his own coat of arms. Technically he was actual nobility, but only Classicists well-versed in nobility esoterica had ever heard of the Draconis clan. Westwood Hall was a dilapidated country manor with a handful of serfs working the land. The land was protected by the sons of family and a handful of sworn retainers.

And to make it worse, Ulrich was himself the second son of a third son with no more than a penny to his inheritance. He wore his inheritance on his back and carried it on his hip. The only advantage he had was that he was the best swordsman the Draconis’ had ever birthed and bright lad whose father was owed a favor by the Classicists. These were his only means of escape from the life of a noble peasant.

After studying for a couple of years with the Order of Iron, Ulrich left to join the Sentinels. Part of his education was reading the decaying books telling (mostly apocryphal, though he never knew) stories of the knights of the Elder Kingdom. Charitable, just, and chivalrous they righted wrongs and defended the helpless. Unfortunately this could not also describe the Sentinels. Those that weren’t corrupt had a tendency to be somewhat crude and crass.They were unwashed and simple, hardly the stuff of true knighthood. So Ulrich wanders the countryside as a knight-errant, righting wrong and living up to his chivalrous ideals until he can earn enough reputation to found his own knightly order. He spends his evenings penning knightly poems as well as the bylaws of his future knights.

Ulrich Draconis

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