No matter where one calls home in the Blackwood, names are more or less universal. Here is a collection of suitable names, though it is by no means an exhaustive list. In general, everyone has one given name. Almost overwhelmingly, this is something you would typically consider to be a name, though poorer/simpler folk might name their children something like “first” or “wart.” Nobility often name their children after relatives or heroes, and all nobility also have a family name. Instead of a family name, common folk are often known by their location or trade (i.e. “Enderl of Three Rivers,” or “Hunter Gawin”).

Also, however, it is very common for common folk (not nobility) to have a byname. “Honest Eckhart” and “Owl Guntram” are examples of this.

Male Names

Allard, Arnulf, Bertold, Burkhart, Conrad, Ditmar, Eckhart, Fritz, Gotfrid, Heinrich, Johann, Otmar, Ramung, Richart, Rutger, Sigmund, Ulrich, Volkwin, Werner

Female Names

Agathe, Agnise, Beate, Berchte, Else, Enede, Gerdrut, Hildegund, Hille, Jutte, Kirstan, Lucie, Osanna, Ursula, Veronica


Old, Young, Worried, Bearded, Wart, Blind, Bony, Bad, Fierce, Cousin, Wide, Fat, Large, Small, Hooded, Short, Tall, Needle, Rich, Poor


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